TCL Foldable Phone- Working on a Smartphone That Fold Into a Smartwatch

Foldable Phones have gone years back, but since the demonstration of some foldable smartphones, it seems the entire era of foldable phones is about to arrive soon in the tech market. Multiple brands are working to bring a foldable phone in the market and allure the customers with their new concept. TCL is one of the big brands which is working on as many as five foldable devices. Their concept is to manufacture a foldable device which can become a smartwatch when folded around the wrist.

Lenovo Displayed Foldable Concept Back in 2016:

It was in the year 2016 when Lenovo displays a concept model of foldable phone. It is also termed as the first foldable device that can be worn as a smartwatch. The video below will better elaborate on the entire concept.

TCL Foldable Smartphone:

TCL is a Chinese electronics brand which is popular in India for its phones, televisions and some other electronic items. The company is currently working on at least 5 foldable devices, including 2 tablets.  The CNET has received the patent image that clearly shows how the TLC Foldable smartphone is going to work.

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As of now, there is no such device in the market, but if it will be introduced, it will become a new wave for the smartphone users who tend to buy a transformer at the price of one. With the image being shown here, you can easily see that the device is being folded from the middle where it takes a curve share as it goes on folding.

TCL Foldable Smartphone

At present this is just an initial image which has no further information from the manufacturing company. The company has not revealed any information related to its price, launching date and in-depth specifications. But the TCL executive talked to CNET and made a statement that such smartphones are expected to hit the market somewhere in 2020.

About TCL Brand:

TCL is one of the brands which were popular in the country for its display devices like TV. It was in the year 2018 when the company introduced its smart TV for its audience. Its first smart TV was launched on Flipkart. Today, it has still made its presence in the digital world, but other companies like Xiaomi, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, etc have overpowered its market.

Future of Foldable Smartphone:

There is no doubt that people are even more excited to see foldable phones with a smartphone feature. And in terms of brands, many renowned brands are already working on this project where they are working to manufacture Android foldable phones for their customers.

FlexPai Foldable Smartphone

A startup brand ‘Royal Corporation’ has already introduced its first ever foldable phone named as ‘FlexPai Foldable Smartphone’. It is even marked for sale with a price tag of $1558. However, its Developer Model is currently being sold in the market. It is a blend of Smartphone and Tablet that is going to revolutionize the tech industry.

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