OnePlus 7 Leaked Images

OnePlus 7 Review: It May Be the First Phone to Support 5G Technology

by Jyoti
OnePlus 7 Images Leaked
Image: Slashleaks

OnePlus 7 Why Should You Buy This Handset:

  • Better Battery life
  • It supports 5G network
  • Quick Charging facility
  • Featured with upgraded AI processing

OnePlus 7 Cons:

  • You cannot replace its battery
  • There is no facility for memory expansion.

OnePlus 7 Vs OnePlus 6:

Both the handset is manufactured by the same company but still, there is a lot of difference in them. Let’s check-out the key difference between them. The topmost difference is that OnePlus 7 supports 5G Network. The fingerprint sensor is available on rear side on OnePlus 6 whereas in OnePlus 7 it is present on the screen. OnePlus 7 runs on Android Pie and OnePlus 6 supports Android Oreo.

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The chipset of OnePlus 7 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and OnePlus 6 is 845. The graphics of OnePlus 7 is better than its previous version. RAM of OnePlus 7 is 8GB whereas of OnePlus 6 is 6GB. The inbuilt memory of OnePlus 7(128GB) is more than OnePlus 6 (64GB). The dimensions are also slightly different. The battery of OnePlus 7 (4150mAh) is better than OnePlus 6(3300mAh). There is not more difference in the price range. So, as per our view, you should give preference to OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7 Bottom Line:

You came to know all the important features and specifications of OnePlus 7 from the above content. The sleek design, strong processor, large display and better battery life makes it a top-selling handset in the market. The best thing in this handset is that it supports 5G network and its price also suits your budget.

If you are planning to buy a 5G handset at an affordable price then you can choose OnePlus 7 as top-priority. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. 

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