Xiaomi Mi 9: Featured With Strong Snapdragon 855 Processor

Xiaomi Mi 9 Vs OnePlus 6T:

Both Smartphone is premium with some differences. As per display, 6T (6.41”) screen is a bit more than Mi 9(6.4”). A huge difference in its storage, Mi 9 provides only 64GB storage whereas OnePlus give huge 128GB space. The camera of Mi 9(48MP+18MP+8Mp) is better than 6T (16MP+20MP).

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There is a slight difference in battery capacity, Mi has 3500mAh whereas 6T is packed with 3700mAh battery. The price tag of both phones is also different. Xiaomi Mi 9 comes in Rs. 34,990 and 6T price is Rs. 40,290. As per our view, both have almost the same features, so Xiaomi Mi is a better option to opt.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Vs Redmi Note 7:

Let’s know the difference between both the handsets. The display of Note 7(6.30”) is smaller than Mi 9. Camera quality of Mi 9 is better than Note 7. Mi 9 runs on Android Pie whereas Note 7 runs on Android Oreo. Mi 9 provides more internal storage (128GB) without expandable features than Note 7(32GB) with the expendable facility.

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Note 7 give more battery capacity (4000mAh) whereas Mi 9 has 3500mAh battery. There is a slight difference in their price tag Mi 9 is come in Rs.34,990 and Note 7 price is Rs. 29,369. Both handsets are somewhat similar, you can choose as per your choice, budget, and requirement.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Vs Xiaomi Mi 8:

Both handsets are made by the same company with few differences. The foremost difference is in screen size. Mi 8 display size is 6.21 inches and Mi 9 has 6.4 inches screen. Mi 8 is based on dual camera set up whereas Mi 9 comes with triple camera setup. There is a 100mAh difference in their battery capacity.

The position of the fingerprint sensor is different, in Mi 8 it is present on a rear side and in Mi 9 it is on-screen. Mi 8 runs on Android Oreo and Mi 9 on Pie. You can get Mi 8 in Rs. 28,490 whereas Mi 9 in Rs. 34,990. Both are a nice handset, you can prefer as per your choice.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Final Thoughts:

From the above content, it is quite clear that Mi 9 is a bit expensive handset but its price tags suits with its features. It’s an amazing design, better battery backup, a brilliant camera can definitely attract users towards it. If you are a selfie lover then it is a good option for you.

All and all, this is a premium handset embedded with a lot if latest tech features. For more such tech content stay connected with us and don’t forget to share your experience with us.  

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