Motorola RAZR V4: Iconic Smartphone Back Again With a Foldable Display

The fourth version of Motorola RAZR series has been totally a new handset. The upcoming Smartphone is a full-fledged phone that can also fold means it will be surely a foldable phone. Foldable phones are now in rumours and almost every Smartphone makers company working on it. Manufacturers are always trying something new to satisfy the need and demand of customers.

Sources say Motorola RAZR V4 is an expensive handset with an amazing camera, a strong processor and a massive battery. Now, the Smartphone manufacturer has been planning to revamp its old models with a new version. Following this concept, Motorola is releasing the next generation RAZR with a new name that is Motorola RAZR V4.

Here, in this article, we describe all the key features and specification of the Motorola RAZR V4 in detail. So, have a close look at RAZR V4.

Motorola RAZR V4 Price and Availability:

The V4 handset is packed with a lot of new features and it will probably make it an expensive handset. Right now, the official price of the handset is not revealed by the company but its starting price may be $1500 that is really a big amount. We will update you as soon as the price will release.

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The Handset is readily available on an online platform such as Amazon and the company is also partnered with Verizon t sell the phone in the United States.

Motorola RAZR V4 Released Date and Color:

According to the report of The Wall Street Journal, RAZR V4 will come in February 2019 but the phone is still in testing. It will be probably released in the first half of 2019 and it may be delayed to the end of 2019.

The handset is available in three shades that are Black, Red, and Blue. A user can opt one of them as per their choice.

Motorola RAZR V4 Key Features:

Let’s take a quick view of its key features.

  • It runs on Android Oreo (8.1).
  • It is embedded on powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Chipset and power by strong Octa-core processor.
  • The internal storage is of 128GB with 6GB of RAM.
  • V4 is also featured with the Fingerprint sensor.
  • Packed with massive 4100mAh non-removable battery. 
  • With amazing camera
  • Super AMOLED primary display.

Motorola RAZR V4 Full Specifications:-

Let’s check out more details about the upcoming RAZR V4.

Camera Quality:

The camera features of this handset are really good. Its dual primary camera is of 16 megapixels + 12 Megapixels and secondary camera with 12-megapixel lens along with 1.8 wide-angle. This handset has inbuilt AI intelligence that enhances picture quality. Other features of the camera are blur background, portrait mode, OIS, PDAF LED flash etc. In short, you can easily capture fabulous pictures in this handset. 


Motorola RAZR V4 Foldable Phone

As you all know, it will be a foldable phone and its design is somewhat similar to the old Motorola flip phone. V4 is a handy and slim Smartphone that looks really stunning. Motorola RAZR will have dual display design in which the first display is larger than second. Users can use the second external display for quick actions. A single touch screen is a fold from the middle side will easy to keep. All and all we can say, it is come up with a sleek design.   

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The best part of this Smartphone is its display because V4 will have three AMOLED displays along with the in-display fingerprint sensor. The first display is the primary one which is unfolded type. The second display can fold up to 120 degree that gives a unique look to this handset. A user can encounter the third display mode when the handset is completely folded.

This handset provides optimum screen security because it is water and dust proof as well as protects the display from small scratches. RAZR V4 features with large 6” screen with 18:9 aspect ratio and full high-definition display.

Processor and Battery:

The processor and operating system of the mobile decide its performance. Currently, it runs on Android Oreo but you can easily upgrade it into latest Android Pie. It will be embedded on strong Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and powered by Octa-core processor. V4 gives smooth gaming experience to its users and provide hassle-free services.

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In terms of battery, the handset will be featured with huge 4100mAh Li-ion type battery. This battery gives optimum battery backup and quick charging facility is also mentioned in this handset. One time charging is enough for the whole day in normal usages.

Storage and Connectivity Features:

Motorola RAZR V4 provides ample storage. Users can easily store all their important data and files without any storage issue. Its internal storage is of 256GB with 6GB of RAM and expands up to 400GB via microSD card.

Motorola RAZR V4 Concept (Source: Gizbot)

V4 is come-up with a lot of connectivity features that surely boost its sale in the Smartphone market. The connectivity features of this handset are as follows:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • WLAN
  • USB cable
  • GPS
  • NFC

Motorola RAZR V4 Vs Samsung Galaxy X:

RAZR V4 can surely give tough competition to the various upcoming handsets but its real competitor is Samsung Galaxy X.

Let’s check out the difference between these handsets.

As you all know that both are a foldable phone. The storage capacity of Galaxy X (512GB) is more than RAZR V4 (256GB). The screen of V4 is slightly bigger than Galaxy X. Battery capacity of Samsung X is 4,380mAh whereas V4 is come up with 4100mAh battery. There is a huge difference in the price tag of both the handset. V4 is available in $1500 and Galaxy price is $ 1980. So, both handsets are really fantabulous and it’s up to you to choose the perfect one as per your need and budget.

Motorola RAZR V4 Over To You:

V4 is the updated version of the previous Motorola RAZR handset. This time, it will definitely please more users. Its three-mode display grabs the attention of users and it will hit in the market. Other than display, its camera, sleek design, storage capacity, and connectivity features all are up-to-date. The only thing that creates some problem for users is its price.

It is an expensive handset that will not suits everyone budget. But, if you have enough budget and love foldable phone then you can prefer Motorola RAZR V4. For more such tech content, stay connected with us.

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