How to Download Tiktok – Download It outside Google Play Store

In the recent past, more and more users are downloading this Tik Tok mobile application. On the 3rd of April, Madras high Court demand to ban Tiktok. Against the complaint filed by Madras HC, Tiktok responded that more than 6 million videos were deleted as they don’t comply with the community guidelines. But finally, Google Play Store removed the Tiktok app from their store on 18th of April. After that, the search for ‘how to download tik tok’ outside google play store has increased drastically.

About TikTok App:

Tiktok was launched in the year 2018 which gained huge popularity with the passage of time. The app has more than 120 million active users out of them many have today become a TikTok sensation for the viewers. It is more like a video clip editor that is added with the animations and GIF’s

TikTok Downloads on APKMirror surge 12 Times:

The Google Trends from 16th April to 30th April showed a hike in tiktok search where the main requirement of the user was to download this application from external sources. APKMirror is one of the third party platforms where you will get the android app’s APK file.

After the TikTok Ban in India happened, the organic search for downloads on APKMirror increased by about 12 times.

How to Download Tik Tok from Google Play Store:

Before the 16th of April, when the TikTok application was available on the Google Play Store, it was highly convenient to download it in simple and easy steps. Here are the steps to download Tik Tok from the Google Play Store.

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for TikTok
  • Click on Download button.
  • Accept the Permissions required by your Phone.
  • Wait till the download is complete.

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This is a simple and quick process which most of you are already using to use TikTok on your smartphone. But the problem increased on 16th of April when the app was banned from the Google Play Store and it was completely banned in India.

How to Download TikTok outside Google Play Store:

After the ban was made on TikTok that removed it from the Google Play Store, people started searching it from other sources. There are numerous unofficial websites where you can easily find the APK of TikTok. So, here are the steps to download Tik Tok from outside the Android Play Store.

Find Right Website:

This is the most important point as there are many spam websites which run on spam links. You should check the website thoroughly and decide if you can download the APK or not.

Check Tik Tok Latest Version for Download:

There are websites which are having an old version of the application, which is worthless to install. Hence you should check the available version of Tik Tok and continue downloading if you are satisfied with the latest version.

Find the APK file and Click on Download:

 There will be multiple DOWNLOAD links which you should click wisely. The Download button will generally be followed by the App name. Once you are sure about the link, click on the Download Button to move ahead.

Current Update on Tik Tok Ban in India:

Finally, the ban was taken back and Google Play Store again added TikTok mobile application on their store. There are users who still consider third-party websites to download the TikTok application as the current version is not compatible with their smartphone. The biggest problem of Tik Tok app free download for android is now resolved with the two major options mentioned above.

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