11 Hidden Whatsapp Features That Everyone Should Know

We all are using social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc. where we share our photos and videos. Do you know? WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app and has more than one billion users. It offers plenty of features to its users through which they can easily interact with their loved ones.

But, we use and know its half features only. We use only the most striking aspects of the app such as voice messages, SMS, emojis, video and group chat. Along with the previous features it regularly adding more function in it. Few of its unknown characteristics are designed to make our life a bit easier but we don’t know these hidden WhatsApp features.

Here, in this article, we find out the 11 hidden WhatsApp features that everyone should know. So, let’s start it.

1- You can Get Message Details Easily:

Few of them may know this feature but most of the people did not use it. When you sent message to anyone, you can check whether the message is delivered or not? Along with that users can also find out the respective persons reads their message or not?

iPhone Users can get all the message details when they swipe to the left on a message. For Android users, you have to long press on the message then tap on the ‘info’ icon which is present at the top of the screen. So, guys, all the message details hide in your WhatsApp and you still unaware of it.

2- Easily Create Shortcuts For your Favourite Chats:

This feature saves your time and you can chat with your loved one without open WhatsApp app. With this feature, the user can create a conversation icon for someone special and it appears on your phone’s home screen.

How to create a shortcut?

  • Go to settings of the respective conversion
  • Tap “More”
  • Then, “Create Shortcut.

Shortcut created and you can easily get it on your Smartphone home screen in the form of an icon.

3- Send Messages Faster:

We all know that most of you have WhatsApp and used it for chatting. But, how you feel when you send messages faster. It saves your time and you can do it with by simply tapping the ‘Enter Key’.

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To do this, follow the below procedure:-

  • Go to setting, in the main menu
  • Then, open ‘chats’
  • Activate the ‘Enter to send’ option.

We hope you love this hidden feature as it is quite interesting.

4- You can cancel a Voice Message in-between:

Yes, guys, it’s true. If you are recording an audio message and in the middle, you find that you say something wrong and want to cancel this message. Nothing to worry about, you can do it by just slide your finger to the left and the message won’t be recorded or did not send to the recipient at all. This feature will be useful for you when you are addicted to audio messages.

5- Users can send the Same Message to Multiple Recipients Simultaneously:

Most of the people use this feature occasionally and some of them unaware of it. Sending the same message to multiple recipients is known as ‘Message broadcasting’ and users can send the same message to all Whatsapp Contact. You can send a message by following the below points:-

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  • Go to the main menu
  • Search ‘New Broadcast’
  • Select all the recipients
  • Send to all at once and they receive them separately because it is not a group.

6- You can write a message in bold:

I hope, no one can use this feature in WhatsApp because it is mostly used in word file. But, with this messaging app, you can use it your SMS also. Simply, write the text you want to appear in bold and then place them in between two asterisks (*) symbol. The sent message will automatically become bold. Try this and we know this feature is totally new for you.

7- Change Font Size of Your Text:

In SMS, font size should be appropriate and set it as per your requirement. It also comes in the list of hidden features because most of the people did not know it.

To change font size, follow these steps: –

  • Go to settings
  • Then ’chat’
  • Select ‘Font size’ as per your need.

8- Starred Message:

With this feature, users can mark their special messages with a star and these messages will automatically save in your WhatsApp app. The importance of this feature is that you can easily find them when you need.

How to save a message:

  • Just tap
  • Hold the respective message
  • Hit the star icon to save it.

You can get starred messages in WhatsApp’s main menu. This feature makes your search easy and users can easily get the important message later in just a few seconds.

9- User Can Limit Their Data Usage:

Nowadays, most of the tasks are done online through the mobile app so we have to use data for a genuine purpose. You are glad to know that, you can easily control your data usage in WhatsApp. It is definitely an essential Whatsapp trick which limits data usage.

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Limit the type of media you automatically download on a mobile connection. Follow the following procedure to control data usage on WhatsApp:-

  • Go to Setting
  • Data Usage
  • Choose the appropriate option as per your need.

10- Customize Notifications:

In this feature, users can set a unique alert sound, if someone special messages you. By setting a custom alert for an individual contact, you can easily know who messaged you without looking at your phone. To set a custom alert:-

  • Tap on the Main icon
  • Then open the chat
  • Tapping their name at the top
  • Hit custom notification.

11- Mark Chat as Unread:

If someone annoying you then this hidden WhatsApp feature will be definitely beneficial for you. In this feature, when you read a message but can’t reply to it the straight way you can mark a chat as unread. You can do this by setting a visual reminder by marking it as unread.

Android users can do it by long-press on the conversation and iPhone users can do it by simply swipe from left to right on the chat.

Final Thoughts:

Hope guys, you like these hidden features of WhatsApp and learn its implementation process from the above article. This hidden chat messenger contains many more features but we discuss the most common one.

What more features can we add in this list and which feature you love the most? Write your views in the comment section below. Follows us on Facebook and also subscribe our YouTube channel ReviewTechAuto.

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