Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with Colour Upgrade to Band 3 – Why You Should Buy it

Xiaomi Mi brand has finally confirmed that the much-awaited Mi Band 4 will be launched in China on June 11. The Mi Band 4 will be a successor of Mi Band 3 which is upgraded with multiple features that the buyers would really love to purchase. The Mi Band 4 Release date in India is yet to be released as Xiaomi launched the Mi Band 3 in September 2018. The most interesting trait of Mi Band 4 is its color display which was being demanded by the Mi lovers. Some of the YouTubers have also reviewed this product where they mentioned that the Mi Band 4 is branded as Mi Band Hey+ in the Chinese market.

Xiaomi Mijia released a poster that confirms the release of Mi Band 4 in China. The poster is completely written in China. The poster also depicts the color image which symbolizes the use of the color display. Looking on the teaser image, the new Mi Band 4 is more like the Mi Band 3 in terms of design. The major advancement given to the new fitness band is in terms of Color display, bigger battery, and minor display tweaks.

Mi Band 4 Price in India:

Currently, Band 4 release date in India is not confirmed but as per the leaks, its price in China is going to be CNY 199, which is roughly Rs. 1,994 in Indian currency. However, there is a high expectation that the Band 4 will be given a bigger price tag as Mi Band 3 is already available online for Rs 1,999.

Why You Should Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4:

There are some updates given to the Band 4, which make it a good option to choose over Mi Band 3 as well as other fitness bands available in the market. Now reasons that make Band 4 good to buy includes:

Color Display:

Till now, Mi Band 3 was limited to Black & White display, which is a big reason why people prefer Honor Band 4 over Mi Band 3. But the inclusion of colors will make it a good competitor against the Honor Band 4.

Battery Display:

This time, the MI Band 4 will show the battery level which is essential to keep track of the Mi Band. The battery is seen visible along with the Bluetooth and Lock section in the top bar of the Mi Fitness band. However, these details have not been confirmed by the company as it is only visible in the images leaked.

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Bigger Battery:

In Mi Band 3, you were having a battery of 110mAh whereas the Mi Band 4 is given an upgrade in terms of battery, where it will be provided with 135mAh battery. This gives a 20% more battery backup as compared to its old sibling.

NFC Support:

As an upgrade over Band 3, the Band 4 will also be given NFC support which is another big update given to this device. However, there will be three variants of Mi Band 4 among which one variant is supposed to be enriched with NFC feature.

Easy to Charge Option:

Earlier in Mi Band 3, you need to remove the tracker module every time for charging, But this time, they have offered the charging port below the display which makes it convenient to charge it without removing the tracker module from the band. The charging component is also built in the way that you need to just place the band on the charging dock and plug the power supply.

Compare Honor Band 4 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 4:

Once the Mi Band 4 come in the Indian market, there will be a big battle between the Honor Band 4 and Mi Band 4. Which is better and which you should buy, below is a detailed comparison.

Display Comparison:

In terms of display, Honor Band 4 leads over the upcoming Mi Band 4. The Mi Band 4 is given 0.78” display which is the same as that of Mi Band 3. But Honor Band have a bigger display of 0.95″.

Battery Comparison:

Currently the honor Band 4 is provided with 100mAh battery but the Band 4 is given 135mAh battery which makes it far better in terms of usage. It’s obvious that Mi Band will last longer than the Honor Band 4.

Connectivity Comparison:

In terms of connectivity, the ongoing product (Honor Band 4) is supported with v4.2 Bluetooth option whereas the Mi Band 4 will be having v5.0 option. However, this will not make much difference for newbie users who want to use it just as a fitness tracker.

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