Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Thinnest and Lightest Tablet with AMOLED Display

Samsung is a popular Korean company that is famous for mid-range electronic gadgets. This company is the top-most Smartphone maker by volume. Recently, it has announced that it will launch the lightest and the thinnest tablet ever that is Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. This tablet is a sequel of its previous version Galaxy Tab S4.

Galaxy Tab S5e is come up with a totally new design, look and features. According to sources, S5e gives better performance to its users with the help of a strong processor. ‘E’ indicates Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e lower price tag and it is embedded with many more features than its predecessor. It is available in premium colours with massive battery capacity.

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Here, in this article, we do an in-depth analysis of all the specification of Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e. So, let’s have a close look at the new tab launched by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Released Date:

This is the foremost query in the mind of every tablet-lover. According to rumour, the expected released date of S5e 4th of April 2019 and it may be delayed up to mid of April. So, guys, you have to wait for few months for this lightweight tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Price:

The price of the gadgets decides its sale in market And Galaxy S5e definitely boost its sale because of its mid-range price. S5e is available in two RAM variants that are 4GB and 6GB. Its 4GB and 6GB variant come in Rs.24,000 and Rs. 28,000 respectively. So, we can say that it is the cheapest S-model tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Colour:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Colors

The colour of an electronic gadget can amplify its beauty a bit more. By keeping this aspect in mind, Samsung released S5e in three colour variants. These three colours are as follows:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold

Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Display:

The s5e display gives smooth touch experience to its users because it is featured with Super AMOLED display. The screen size is also large that is 10.5 inches with 2560×1600 pixel resolution. The aspect ratio of the tab is 16:10 and provides a pixel density of 287PPI.

It provides a new facility to its users as they easily connect their tablet to their monitor with a USB-C HDMI cable and you can instantly activate a desktop display. So, Samsung tabs provide you latest DeX capability.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Design:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Display

As we mentioned above, it is the thinnest and the lightest tab ever with a sleek design. Its weight is just 400 grams and thickness is 5.5 mm only. S5e provide a high-quality appearance with premium design. It is featured with shiny new aluminum chassis. If we describe its design in one word it is really “Fabulous”.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Battery:

S5e is packing with a massive battery capacity of 7040mAh that can run it without disturbance for 14.5 hours. So, in a one battery charge, you can enjoy its services for more than 14 hours. Fast charging facility is also embedded in it with the help of USB-C port.

This port can charge tab completely in 3 hours and 10 minutes. As per the battery point of view, it is a superb device that can serve as a power bank for users. Its battery will last for a whole day in normal usages.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Camera:

Now, it’s time to look at its camera features. Galaxy tab has two cameras. At front end has a 5-megapixel camera that can easily be used to take selfies as well as for video chats.  Talking about its rear camera it is of 13-Megapixels that can easily capture beautiful pictures in good light. Facial recognition feature is also available in S5e.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Processor and Other Software Features:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Features

Galaxy S5e tab provides hassle free services to its users with the help of its strong processor. The tab is powered by latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 SoC with 4GB of RAM. It runs on Android v 9.0( Pie).

S5e is coming with Samsung’s OneUI software that enhances its performance a bit more. It is also equipped with brilliant microphones that makes path for Bixby’s voice also. With the help of its Bixby home features, users can use it as a control centre for their smart homes. Users can easily manage their home with their voice through its Bixby Voice feature. For perfect sound quality Samsung has added four speakers in the tablet. It comes with pogo pin ports that are for keyboard support.  This is all from its software part.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Storage:

Now, come to its storage capacity. As usual, Samsung provides ample storage to its users. It is available in 6GB RAM with 128 GB storage configuration and the other variant is available in 4GB RAM with 64GB internal storage.

 Both configurations are easily expendable up to 512GB with the help of microSD card. This huge storage is enough to store important data and files. It also provides smooth performance and good gaming experience to its users.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Bottom Line:

From the above content, you can easily conclude that it is the best gadget by Samsung. It is a mid-range tab that is featured with a better camera, huge storage, and a massive battery. It gives smooth experience to its users with the help of its strong processor. It is really useful for smart homes and S5e has perfect sound quality. All and all we can say that it is totally a “Smart Tablet”. If you are searching for a best and cost-effective tab then you can choose Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e as the best option. For more such informational tech content stay connected with us and you can ask your quires in the comment section below.

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