Best App Lock for Android Smartphone [Updated 2019]

In this digital world, we can’t imagine our life without cell phones as they became an essential part of our day-to-day life. The mobile application makes our task a bit easier. These apps are easily available on play stores and keep your data secure. Nowadays, most people save their sensitive data in their Smartphone such as photos, banking detail, and other confidential data.

So, your mobile phone needs a smart app lock which protects your sensitive data from prying eyes. With the help of app lock security, no one can access your data and it provides two-layer security to your apps. Along with the lock screen, app lock gives better security to your app as well. You can download app lock from the Google play store and give high-end security to your files and apps.

Here, in this article, we discuss the best app lock for Android Smartphone up to 2019. So, have a close look at them.

Norton App Lock:

 If you are using Antivirus then you now this term ‘Norton’. This company provides security to your PC as well as offer you Android App locker that protect your app from unwanted access. It is totally free of cost and users can lock their app by a PIN, pattern and a fingerprint scanner.

Norton app lock is ad-free and provides a recommendation list to its users. Recommendation list suggests the apps which require lock and also give many more features along with high-security app lock. Not best but it can be an appropriate choice as it secures your app in a good manner by providing security to your personal photos. Users who need a hands-off approach can use this solid app lock.

App Lock- Fingerprint Unlock (By Cheetah Mobile):

This is a lightweight Android app lock that provides optimum security to your apps and needs less storage space. As its name signifies, it is an app lock with fingerprint along with the pattern and numeric PIN. Users can also lock their Wi-Fi, incoming call, phone setting, and Bluetooth.

If anyone tries to unlock your apps then it’s ‘Intruder Selfie” feature take a photo. You get all these features at free of cost and without ads. Users can also set a timer for lock mode if required.

AppLock (By DoMobile Lab):

We can say, this is one of the best apps lock up to 2019. Along with the basic app lock feature, it can also lock up your specific photos and videos. App lock by DoMobile app includes a lot of features such as:

  • Fingerprint support
  • Uninstall protection
  • Can lock you Bluetooth, incoming call and Wi-Fi as well

It is free to download and you get premium features along with ads. It gives better security to your data with the help of master pattern lock facility. In short, it has been a strong app lot and preferred by a lot of users.

AppLock (By IvyMobile):

 One of the better app locks for android which can lock any app on your Smartphone. The main feature of this app lock is its ‘invisible pattern lock’ that has the ability to lock your sensitive data in a more refined way. If someone is trying to know your pattern then its random keyboard features will automatically start its work.

Users can hide the app through its theming feature in which you can replace an app lock icon with a fake icon such as a clock, calculator, etc. This is totally free and supported ads. All and all, this is the perfect app lock for Android users.

Perfect App Lock:

Like its name, it provides perfect security to your mobile apps. It secures your application with the help of PIN, gesture password and PIN. User does not require a third-party app to lock their internet data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The best part of this app is its ‘Screen Filter’ feature through which users can manage screen brightness of every app individually. Unwanted screen rotation is prevented with the help of its rotation lock feature.

Both the free and paid version contains the same features. Unlike the free version, the paid version does not support ads. This is a good app lock that has a built-in camera which takes a photo of intruder automatically after three failed attempts.

Applock-Fingerprint Pro:

As its name signifies, the main feature of this app lock is its fingerprint sensor that gives better security to your mobile. But, the app forces a fingerprint scan to unlock them as it works with your device’s fingerprint scanner. Along with the fingerprint feature, users can also use pattern and text password.

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Other feature includes image vault, extra security settings, etc. This version contains some bugs which cause some problem but it will overcome with a future update. Users have to pay for it as no free version is available on play store. The best thing in this app lock is that it has no ads and no further in-app purchase. In short, this is a simple, effective and high-security app lock.

App Locker:

Like other app locks, it contains all the security features such as password, numeric PIN, fingerprint support, etc. The best thing in this app locker is that user can change the colour theme of pattern lock and provide security to your social medical as well as banking apps because it automatically locked them.

This fingerprint app lock is easy to use and saves your time. It supports ads in the free version. If you need add-free service then you have to pay $3 for it.

Smart Applock:

Like its name, it secures your apps in a smart way. Smart App lock is a decent app lock that is available at free of cost. It locks up your all-important apps, photos, video, phone settings, etc.  The fingerprint scanner works well with Samsung devices and it also provides auto-start upon reboot, break-in alerts, delayed app locking, etc.

This is a safe app lock that supports ad. The things which lack in this app lock that it’s easy to uninstall if anyone knows that it’s there. So, be alert and use it in a smart way.

AppLock- Fingerprint (By SpSoft):

It includes all the basic security features PIN, password and fingerprint scanner. Users will definitely love its interface because it is user-friendly through which they can create different passwords for each locked app. You can able to set fake icon on your locked app.

This decent app lock also snaps a picture of the intruder and automatically sent it on your registered email address. Screen and rotation lock facility is also present in Applock-Fingerprint and available in 30 different languages. This fingerprint app lock has been easy to use and it’s free version contain ads. If you require ad-free service then you have to choose its premium version.


If you need advanced security for your private files then Lockit will be the best app android locker. Users can create a master password with the help of pattern and numeric PIN. ‘Invisible pattern’ is also present through which users can hide their pattern along with built-in scanner, notification cleaner, and phone booster.

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Your private photos and video are more secured in separate vaults. Lockit is free without in-app purchases and support ads.  Other features include:

  • Intruder selfie
  • Prevent uninstallation of the locked app
  • Power saving mode.

App Lock (By KeepSafe):

Last but not the least,  Applock by KeepSafe is a cool app lock which is easy to use. It contains all the features like all app locks. But, it is quite user-friendly because it supports 10 different languages. The best part of this app is that it automatically lockup when any new app installed on your device.

It consumes less space because it is one of the most lightweight app lockers for android. The free-version contains fewer features than the paid version.

Over to You:

All these are the best app lock for android mobile. You may choose one of them for your Android mobile and will definitely protect your sensitive data in a better way. With the help of app lock, no one can access your data and all these are available at Google Play Store.

Which App lock you are currently using on your mobile? Tell the feature that you loved the most in your app lock. Stay connected with reviewtechauto for more such informational content.  

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