Android Q: What will Google call Android 10 [Everything you need to know] [VIDEO]

Every tech lovers definitely know about the need and importance of the operating system in electronic gadgets. The operating system is basically working as an interface between user and system. It manages the services of the hardware and software resources. Android is also an operating system that is compatible with cell phones.

Google has recently announced its new Android Version that is Android Q, it is the 10th Android version of Google. This version will surely come up with a lot of new features and many technical developments. All the upcoming smartphones will certainly run on Android Q.

Here, in this article, we discussed in detail about the latest Android Version such as its expected names, features, released date and many more. So, read this article till the end with full concentration. Let’s have a look at Android Q.

Android Q Released Date:

Google has basically adopted a certain time frame to release its new Android Version.  According to rumor, the first developer preview of Android Q will come in March 2019 and then it released a first public beta in May 2019.

If the company follow the previous pattern, it will officially release Android 10 in August 2019.

Android Q Device List:

Till now there is no such Device list which will receive the official Android 10 Update. But it’s obvious that Google-branded smartphones (Google Pixel) will undoubtedly receive the Android OS update in the beginning. However, it is expected that all Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India might be released with this android version.

Android Q Expected Name:

People are eagerly waiting for the name of the next Android version. Google follows a standard pattern of naming each version of its OS in alphabetical order. According to this standard, Android 10.0 is called as Android Q. Now, it’s time to guess the expected name of new Android version. Google always named it OS on a dessert; it may be a Q-named dessert. Given below are the expected names of New Android 10:

  • Quesito
  • Quenelle
  • Quaker Oats
  • Quail
  • Qottab
  • Qurabiya
  • Quinoa Pudding
  • Quinoa
  • Quesadilla
  • Quiche

Android Q Features [Expected]:

As usual, the new version is come up with several new features and also overcome the limitations of the previous version. The new Google will also follow the same trend and introducing some new features on the Android platform. The expected Android Q features are as follows:

1) Dark Mode:

Image Source: PhoneDog

This is the very first features that Google added in its upcoming Android. It may increase the phone’s user interface. By enabling dark mode user can able to dark everything from notification to the settings. In Android Q dark mode, the phone screen come in blue and black colors instead of the white background.

2) Screen Recording:

In previous Android user can take screenshots with the help of the power button. But, in Android 10 you can able to record your screen and also send clips to anyone. This feature overcomes the limitation of screenshots.

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3) Desktop Mode:

According to sources, Android 10 is featured with desktop mode facility. The Android is embedded with this mode code. How it exactly works is not a bit clear by the company, to know about its functionality you have to wait for a few months.

4) Location Permission:

Image Source: PhoneDog

This is the next feature of the Android Q. It is related to the app permission request. In this, if you give access to your location on this Android, it will access your location when it is in use. It gives users more authority over data access. It is a little change but definitely be effective.

5) Support Foldable Phones:

As per sources, Android Q will support the foldable display. Samsung has recently announced to introduce foldable devices in its upcoming Smartphone that will provide better services to the end users. Battery saver mode is also enabled in new handsets in which screen will automatically turn off as per requirement.

6) Android Q Beta Assisted Dialing:

This feature will help users in phone number dialing. It will automatically add the respective country code to the number dialed by the user. It will be surely beneficial for international travelers. Provide you better dialing experience.

7) Support Multi-Monitor:

With the help of this feature, you can able to connect an external monitor with the device and use both screens at the same time. Samsung already added this feature in its upcoming Smartphones.

8) Advanced Smart lock:

Android 10 featured with a better smart lock facility. It added two new smart locks. The first one will lock the phone when it is used by unauthorized device i.e. boosting privacy and security of end users. The second lock will increase the unlock time period of the device when the device is already unlocked.

9) Better Printer Support:

This Android version will make your printing experience smooth. Now, users can easily connect their devices with the printer with the help of Wi-Fi.

10) Featured with Emoji 12.0:

Emoji can make your chat more enjoyable. By keeping this point in mind, Google’s Android 10 is come up with new emoji’s and updated the previous one. It provides an entirely new collection of emoji such as kite emoji, Hindu temple, waffle emoji, a kneeling person, garlic, yawning face, onion emoji and many more.

Android Q Final Thoughts:

 The above content will definitely give you a brief knowledge of upcoming Android 10. This will be proved to be a better OS and provide a smooth performance to end users.

These features make it more popular among people. The multi-screen feature, foldable screen support, dark mode, enhanced dialing support will make it the best Android. You have to wait for few months for this Android. For more update stay tuned Reviewtechauto.

Android Q First Look:

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