A Robot Walks Into a Bar, Helps Make a Cocktail

One robotic makes cocktails from 25 bottles hanging upside-down from the ceiling, one other carves excellent ice balls within the fraction of the time it takes a human with a knife and an ice choose.

Robo-bartenders are shaking up South Korea’s cafe and bar tradition because the nation transitions from intensive social distancing to what the federal government calls “distancing in daily life.”

And they appear snazzy doing it too.

In a tailor-made vest and bow tie, six-foot-tall Cabo narrates his actions as he carves ice for a whisky on the rocks behind the bar at Coffee Bar Okay in Seoul.

“Do you see this? A beautiful ice ball has been made. Enjoy some cold whisky,” he says in Korean.

Cabo made his debut in 2017, however his presence is especially reassuring now because the bar seems to be to encourage prospects to return to leisure amenities after the coronavirus outbreak.

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“Since this space is usually filled with people, customers tend to feel very anxious,” stated Choi Won-woo, a human bartender who assembles the drinks. “I think they would feel safer if the robot makes and serves the ice rather than if we were to do it ourselves.”

At the Cafe Bot Bot Bot espresso bar, the place the robotic arm shakes up mojitos and different cocktails, supervisor Kim Tae-wan additionally identified that the ‘drink bot’ can present a constant high quality to their mixes that human bartenders cannot.

Customers appeared inspired by the protection the robots offered, although one identified a crucial high quality the robo-bartenders lacked.

“It’s a little disappointing that you can’t talk to the bartenders,” stated 21-year-old college pupil Moon Seong-eun.

“One of the good things about going to a bar to drink is that you can chat to them about the drinks or about my worries.”

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