New York

With Coronavirus Lockdown Restrictions Lifted, Sports Car Collectors Take Over Times Square

Danny Lin poses for pictures together with his 2008 Audi R8 in New York's Times… Read More

Uber to Provide Drivers Millions of Face Masks to Battle Coronavirus Pandemic

Image for Representation. Uber additionally mentioned that it was additionally sourcing the masks from outdoors… Read More

Uber, Lyft Responsible for More Crashes at Pick-up and Drop Locations, Study Reveals

In regular occasions, ride-hailing companies akin to Uber and Lyft in trendy cities trigger… Read More

Coronavirus Scare: United Diverts New York-Delhi Flight as Passenger Falls Ill Mid-Flight

Representative picture. (Photo: IANS) The Boeing 777-200 United Airlines plane with 170 passengers and a… Read More

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