Jalebi Movie Review: The Everlasting Taste Of Love

Jalebi Movie Cast:

  • Director: Pushpdeep Bharadwaj
  • Producer: Mukhesh Bhatt
  • Writer: Kausar Munir and Pushpdeep Bhardwaj
  • Editor: Devendra Murdeshwar
  • Music: Jeet Ganguli
  • Cinematography: Manoj Soni

Jalebi Movie Star Cast:

  • Rhea Chakraborty as Ayesha
  • Varun Mitrav as Dev
  • Digangana Suryavanshi

Jalebi Movie Story:

Jalebi is a romance-drama movie. It is actually a remake of Bengali film “Praktan” that is basically based on the story of a couple who have gone through a failed marriage. Then, the failed couple happens to meet on the train journey with different partners and describe the reasons for the failing relationship.

The whole movie is revolved around the train. Ayesha meets dev on a tour in Delhi and decides to get married. But, after marriage, they realize that they want different things from life and can’t be live together. Then, they decided to walk on to different paths but they cannot forget each other.  All and all the movie is basically based on the incomplete story of a couple. On a whole, it is the story of the lead character where they discover their personalities, perseverance, and self-reliance

Jalebi Movie Artist Performances:

Both the pivotal role artist nails their role in a better way. The film’s cast is well and good. Rhea played the role of Aysha in a great way. Varun played the role of Dev who is a cool guide. Digangana also plays her role in a brilliant way.

Jalebi Movie Is Technically Brilliant:

The film was shot in major towns and cities of West Bengal and other parts of India. The music of the movie is great and appreciable. The movie gain popularity due to its effective sound. Songs are well composed and add value to the film.

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Cinematography and choreography are good. The direction of the film is cool due to its fantastic dialogues. The production and editing of the film are also mind-blowing.

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Jalebi Movie Music:

It is a Mahesh Bhatt film so it is sure that the music of the film is superb. If we forget about the story and character of the film then only the music can give value to the film. The songs of the movie are great with stunning music.

Tracks of the Movie:

Songs Duration
Tum Se 4:16
Pal 4:07
Mera Pyar Tera Pyar 4:35
Mujme 3:05
Tera Mera Rista 4:53
Pehle Ke Jaisa 4:32
Tum Se Adlib 2:26

Jalebi Movie Release Date:

The love cum drama movie is released on the 12th of October. So, go and watch the movie in cinemas and know whether the young lovebirds meet or not.

Jalebi Movie Critic Rating:

The movie is basically based on the same uncompleted love story there is nothing new in the story. So, critic gives the film two and a half stars.

Jalebi Movie Final Verdict:

Jalebi is the sweet dish but the film is not cop-up with its name. It shows the taste of the love that is bitter in this film. The film neither knows its purpose nor destination. So, it is an average film.

If you like love story then go and watch it in cinemas on 12th of October and share your experience with us in the comment box below. For more updated stay connected.

Jalebi Movie Official Trailer:

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