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Apple has recently started rolling out the latest iOS14 and iPadOS14 update for iPhones and iPads globally. The new operating system brings an all-new home screen experience and this is one of the most significant user-interface updates since it was launched. Read on to know how to use, add and organise the new widgets in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

Apple iOS 14 widgets
The new widgets bring a new freshness to the old home screen of the operating system. The widgets can be placed anywhere between the apps and it is totally customisable in terms of placement, shape and size. Users get three different sizes to choose from and freedom to place it anywhere on the home screen as per their choice.

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If you have not yet updated your iPhone or iPad with the latest version yet, click here for a small guide on how to prepare your smartphone for the update.

How to use iPhone home screen widgets in iOS 14


Long press on the home screen of iPhone or iPad running the latest iOS or iPadOS to enter into Editing mode


Now, tap on the + icon from the top left corner to see all the available widgets


Tap on the widget, choose the size and tap on the Add Widget button to add it on your home screen.


You can now, press, hold and drag to widget to anywhere on the home screen you want.


Press Done from the top right corner to save the changes.

iOS14 also offers Smart Stack-style widgets and you can create one by dragging and dropping the same size widgets on the top of each other. The Smart stack styled widget supports up to 10 widgets only.

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