How to Clean your Laptop Screen and Keyboard Safely [Updated 2021]

The laptop has today become a basic necessity, and with its regular usage, you can see dust and dirt sticking to its screen, back panel, keyboard, and base. This not only affects its overall functioning, but it also looks weird. Have you ever thought about how you can clean your laptop screen and keyboard? Well, check out the easy-to-execute and straightforward steps that will help you clean your laptop and remove dust & dirt.

Basic Requirements to Clean Your Laptop

Before moving ahead, you must know the list of required items prior to start cleaning your Laptop and removing the dust/dirt completely. Further, you should shut down your Laptop and remove its adapter before cleaning. Below listed are the cleaning essentials required for outside cleaning process.

  • A microfiber or lint-free piece of cloth
  • Water or Colin
  • Earbuds

Products To Avoid For Laptop Cleaning

Aerosol sprays, solvents, abrasives, or cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide

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How to Clean the Exterior of the Laptop

Take a piece of microfibre cloth and dip it slightly into the water. Now, slowly scrub the outer section of your Laptop till it starts shining. Scrub its sides attentively as the side panels have disc-drive, USB/Audio? Ethernet/Charging and a few other ports. Make sure the microfiber cloth isn’t wet much. Also, make sure the water doesn’t enter the Laptop in whatsoever way. Water can damage the port or the motherboard.

How to Clean the Screen of the Laptop

The screen is a delicate component of your Laptop, and hence it needs extra care. I prefer cleaning the screen with a dry cloth and wipe the dirt completely. Take the cloth to its corners to wipe off maximum dust/dirt from the screen. Now, clean the screen with a wet cloth. Remember, no additional chemical/liquid is required to clean the Laptop’s screen.
Just be gentle with the wiping process and don’t overdo it with too much force, as it can cause some damage to the screen.

How to Clean the Laptop Keyboard

Working regularly on your Laptop has a direct effect on its keyboard. The keyboard is also an essential component of the Laptop that needs a periodic cleaning. However, cleaning the keyboard is tricky. With regular usage, some crumbs get stuck between the keys that restrict the key from functioning correctly.

Start by inverting your Laptop (upside down) and run air spray onto it. Most of the dust/dirt is removed from the keyboard. Still, if you find some crumbs, it’s recommended to clean them manually and remove them as soon as possible.

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