How to Choose a Smartphone in 2020 – Smartphone Buying Guide

Buying a Smartphone isn’t easy when you are a newbie and looking for a high-end phone that can serve your needs. What to check when buying a new phone as every smartphone claims to offer better camera, performance and battery. With that said, it becomes tough for every buyer and hence you eagerly search for the important questions to ask when buying a smartphone. So, here is a detailed Smartphone buying guide that will help you find the ideal option within your budget.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

Decide Your Budget:

Every single day, multiple smartphones are launches that increase competition among different mobile brands. However, your budget is a prominent factor to consider when buying a high-end smartphone. You have a wide scope from 2,000 to 20,000 rupees where you can find the most economical options for you. However, when you are finalizing a budget, don’t distract from it. Instead, your budget will help you find an ideal option with minimal efforts.

Enlist Features You Expect in Your Phone:

Next comes the list of features that you want in your smartphone. If you don’t require a camera phone, prefer to choose a high-storage phone where you can store endless data. However, before enlisting you should know the common features every phone must-have. A music player, expandable memory slot, dual SIM, radio, etc. are some of the common features that are available in every smartphone. However additional features like wireless charges, NFC, etc. are available on selection.

E.g. If you don’t want a separate charging dock for your phone, buying a wireless phone is of no use.

Don’t Think More of Performance

Mobile Phone performance isn’t a critical topic to discuss if you are buying a mid-range smartphone. almost all mid-range phones have similar processing that won’t be witnessed through basic smartphone operations. However, you can evaluate its AnTuTu Benchmark and choose Best Smartphone by AnTuTu Benchmark. Multiple processors are available in the market like Qualcomm, Snapdragon 8, 7, 6, 4 and 2 series processors. Snapdragon 8 series processors are the flagship ones and the most powerful processors from Qualcomm.

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NOTE: If you are planning to buy a gaming smartphone, it’s important to find a branded and high-performance phone that doesn’t face heating and lagging issue.

Choose Camera That Fits Your Pocket

There isn’t any advantage if your phone has 4-5 camera at its back. You can use either one or maximum two sensors at a time to capture awesome photos. No smartphone uses all cameras sensors at the same time to click a photo. Different cameras are offered for different functionalities like wide-angle capturing, depth sensing, normal photo capturing, ultra-wide capturing etc. As for the battle between 48MP and 64MP cameras, the deal is simple, in real-life usage, the difference is negligible.

Remember, it doesn’t matter whether your phone has 3 or 5 cameras

Choose Battery Wisely:

Today, smartphones are battling to offer smartphone with super battery backup. Samsung has already introduced M51 with a 7000mAh battery that is unmatched in the smartphone industry. However, battery life entirely depends upon its usage. Still, life tends to decrease over time and you will have to replace it at some extend.

Regardless of initial battery backup, your battery life tends to decrease over time. You will not get the same backup after six months of buying a new phone. And ultimately, you will have to charge your phone daily whether it’s new or a year old. However, proper smartphone usage can serve you for a long time, without almost similar battery backup that can last for 1-2 days without charge.

When to Buy a Smartphone

This is the crucial question every buyer looks for. The best time to order a smartphone is during the seasonal sale when you can save significant money on your purchase. Flipkart Big Billion Day, Amazon Great Indian Sale, and other festive sales are the best time to plan your next smartphone.

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