How to change your Google Chrome password or reset it

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, with nearly 70% of the desktop browser market share. The email address and password details that you use in Chrome are the same as the Google account details that you use for Gmail, YouTube, and other Google-adjacent websites. So, to change your Chrome password, you must change your Google account password.

In this article, we outline how to change your Google password from within the Chrome browser. We also discuss how you can recover your user account if you’ve forgotten your password altogether.

How to change your Google Chrome password

Click on your user avatar picture at the top-right of the browser interface (Image credit: Google)

Select Manage your Google Account (Image credit: Google)

Click on Security (Image credit: Google)

Select Password (Image credit: Google)

Enter your current Google password (Image credit: Google)

Submit a new Google password, and confirm the password by entering it again (Image credit: Google)
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The Google Chrome browser uses your Google account details for user identification. You can edit your password at A quick way to get to this page from within the Chrome browser is to click on your user avatar (at the top-right of the screen, beside your extensions), and select Manage your Google Account from the drop-down menu.

The account page has many settings and interesting reports on your Google account usage, but what you’re looking for is Security. It is on the menu to the left. This will bring you to a page that lists several security settings, including your password details.

To change your password, click on the word Password. You’ll be asked to enter your current Google account password again. Click Next, and a page where you can set a new Google account password will open. Choose a strong, unique password and enter it twice. Finally, click Change Password to update your Google account password. 

From now on, you can log into Chrome (and other Google products) using your new password.

How to reset your Google Chrome password

Click on Forgot password? to begin recovering your Google password (Image credit: Google)

If you’re having trouble logging into Google Chrome because you’ve forgotten your password, you can recover your account by clicking Forgot password? on the login screen. You’ll be asked whether you remember any recent passwords of your account. This helps prove that you’re not just running a bot in an attempt to gain access to someone else’s account. 

If you can’t remember a recent password, click Try another way. Assuming that you’ve set up a recovery email for your Google account, a password recovery code will be sent to that email. Enter this on the next page of the process to verify that you’re the actual owner of the account. From there, you’ll be asked to enter a new password for your Google account, allowing you to log in again.

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