WATCH: Ford Mustang Crash Into a Truck in Kerala, Driver Survives [Video]

Team BHP)” title=”The crashed Ford Mustang. (Image supply: Team BHP)” />

The crashed Ford Mustang. (Image supply: Team BHP)

Seeing the 2 vehicles unexpectedly apply the brakes, the Mustang Driver switched on to the other lane to keep away from rear-ending the vehicles.

  • Last Updated: March 11, 2020, 9:11 AM IST
  • Edited by: Anirudh SK

In a slightly stunning video that surfaced on the web, a Ford Mustang was captured crashing head-on into a light-weight truck. Reports citing sources near the matter recommend that the incident occurred in Kerala the place a majority of roads are single-lane two-way roads.

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A Maruti Suzuki Swift which was main forward of the Alto and the Mustang unexpectedly utilized the brakes because of a truck that was coming onto the highway, this subsequently compelled the Alto and the Mustang to decelerate. However, the Mustang driver chooses to sway away into the other lane to sway away. The driver appears to have missed seeing a light-weight truck that was approaching from the opposite aspect, resulting in a head-on collision.

The Mustang evidently confronted heavy injury because of the affect and has misplaced its entrance finish fully. On the opposite hand, the truck has suffered a heavy affect on the lower-right bumper together with the windshield. Drivers of each the truck and the Mustang survive. The driver of the Mustang survived the crash because of the automotive’s heavy construct. However, it ought to be famous that such driving-practices doesn’t solely endanger the driving force’s however different’s life too.

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