Honda Navi Review 2018 – Check Price, Specifications, Features and Mileage

Honda launched its quirky little bike Navi last year (2017) and its price is quite attractive. It has received a good response from its consumers. To expand the line, the company is expected to announce two new variants of the two-wheeler for the Indian market. Honda Navi is surprisingly radical approach by HMSI (Honda Motorcycle and Scooter Limited), which combines the best of both scooters and motorcycle in a two-wheeler.

While a bunch of variants was announced when the product was showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo, the company is finally bringing in the Adventure variant at Rs 48,173 while the Chrome variant will be slightly cheaper at Rs 44,713. Considering the Honda Navi Base Price as Rs 39,500, the new variants are fairly affordable.

To read the Honda Navi Review 2018, read the entire article thoroughly. So, let’s take a close look at the Honda Navi 2018.

Honda Navi Design Review:

As we all know, the design of vehicles plays an important role in its hype. Honda Navi proportions make it really adorable. It comes with less motorcycle look. Navi is like a mini bike with a front big headlight which is in a hexagonal shape. The tail light has been taken from the Honda Stunner 125. The single piece tank and side panels are of vibrant colors. The fuel tank is small and well designed. It has extra long seat overlapping the fuel tank.

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There are so many smaller design elements are present in it like the black and textured plastic part running through the center of the tank and the faux carbon fiber on either side. The wheels, forks, engine, and exhaust have been finished in black and it looks premium. Its really interesting how different parts of the Honda Navi comes together seamlessly to create something young, fresh and attractive.

Honda Navi Specifications and Feature:

Talking about the features of Honda Navi it has telescopic forks in front and a 12-inch wheel. It consists of alloy wheels and also has side mounted mono-shock rear suspension. A simple analog instrument reads out the speed and kilometers.

It has the fuel filler cap conventionally positioned and it is not under the seat and comes with a plastic lid for protection. There is a choke conveniently located near the horn switch, and you get self-start and kick-start. It also provides a foldable hook to hang small bags which improved the utility of Honda Navi.

Honda Navi Size And Ease Of Use:

Talking about the compatibility of Honda Navi its tall handlebar, seat and chunky footpeg geometry like a motorcycle make it easy for the rider to ride. The tank nicely fits between the legs and offer adequate grip, so there is a sense of surety which inspires confidence while riding. Navi is not just longer but also wider and even the wheelbase is longer.

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Navi is slightly smaller, more compact but surely comfortable. The long seat carves out just about enough space for the pillion. It has handle lock on the side of the front forks. This should have been integrated into ignition key, to make it slicker. The key can also unlock the seat, which has a small cavity underneath to store knick-knacks. Navi is great to store and charge mobile phones.

Honda Navi Engine and Performance:

The Honda Navi is basically a mini-bike with a scooter soul. The sole is its 110cc single cylinder, air-cooled petrol engine. It produces slightly more power and its power delivery is instant and linear. It has refined motors using HET( Honda Eco Technology) the engine feels smooth and give an average of 40-50Kmph. The mini bike is quick to gain momentum, making overtaking easy.

Beyond 60Kmph some vibration gradually creeps in and it gives maximum speed close to 85Kmph which is more than sufficient for city use. Navi does not lose steam and continues to offer fast acceleration for its size. The drum brakes in front and rear do a tidy job of bringing the bike to halt, with adequate feel and feedback.

Honda Navi Ride And Handling:

Navi is a well-engineered product of Honda it is proved by its ride and handling dynamics. Single or with a pillion, the mini-bike manages to ride over average road undulations without losing composure. The front forks of the Navi make it ride better than Honda active 3G, helping it overcome broken roads with ease.

The thing that made the ride of Navi enjoyable is its nimble handling. It has a really small turning radius, so you can make quick turns through traffic without breaking into a sweat. This really compliments its compact size and urban commuter image. It has not had a clutch and gear system like a regular motorcycle.The braking of both wheels is controlled by hands. The power delivery of this bike is quite smoother.

Honda Navi Price And Mileage:

The Honda Navi is priced at Rs 42,824 ex-showroom Mumbai, which is an astounding proposition for this nifty little bike. But add to this price the taxes, registration, insurance and the necessary accessories (side stand, number plate etc.) Then it leaps up to Rs 49,500 on-road.

The fuel tank is small of 3.8-litre. We expect the light and efficient Honda Navi to offer a fuel efficiency of close to 50kmpl under normal city riding conditions. In terms of Honda Navi bike mileage, it would give the mini-bike a range of under 200km.

Honda Navi 2018 Final Verdict:

The Honda Navi comes together as a fun bike, breaking boundaries and stereotypes. But it is not for everyone. Not everyone is ready for the unusual and to shed inhibitions. A bright mini-bike concept can be a little too funky for many. Perhaps people are still trying to understand the idea of a mini-bike. Probably once the Navi becomes more common sight on the road more Indians might just buy the idea – that the Honda Navi is not meant just for the youth but for those who live young and who live free.

So if you making your mood to buy this scooter bike than do it as overall it is a great bike. This little bike is good for two people and is suitable for everyday use. If you are planning to buy Two Wheeler, then Honda Navi is a great option.

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