Jawa Motorcycle: The Legend Is Back With More Power

There is good news for all bike-lovers that Jawa has come back with a more stylish look and powerful features. As you all know that it was a famous bike brand in the early ’90s. It gains popularity among youths due to its brilliant performance, simple specification and powerful engine. It is proved to be the real competitor of Royal Enfield Classic, Bullet and Thunderbird.

It gives a better and smooth experience to its rider and its pick up capacity is also superb. Its looks and gestures are really nice that suits with its powerful features. We can surely say that this time it will boost its sale in the market. This time Jawa Brand is revived by a new company that is Classic Legends Private Limited and this company is associated with Mahindra Group.

Here, in this article, we give you detailed information about the upcoming branded motorcycle Jawa. So, guys, let’s take a close look at it.

Jawa Design and Look:

 If we talk about its design it is really amiable. As we all know that “Old Is Gold” and this time old is come-up with a more classy look and design. Its headlight has follows that same trademark design and the fuel tank is partly painted with Jawa logo mentioned on it. The other great features in its design are the chrome, stylish side panels, its twin exhausts and fat fenders that amplifies its beauty a bit more.

Its finishing is up-to-date and the nice silver finish on head fits with its design. The engine has the liquid cool capacity with more power. The classy bike has a nice speedometer with a small fuel gauge needle on its upside and has a single channel ABS facility. Its wheel is robust and its tyre is of MRF that provide enough grip to its riders during riding. A wide handlebar, perfect seat height provides comfort to its riders. In one word we can say that its design and look is “Fabulous”.

Jawa Engine:

 As we all know that Jawa bike has powerful engines. Let’s know about in detail, its engine is powered by a 293 cc capacity. The engine is liquid-cool with fuel injection facility. The engine has generates power of 28bph and produce 27 Nm of torque.

The engine performance is enhanced due to its angular dual ports for the exhaust header. The engine is based on the latest vehicle standard that is BS-VI. We can say that it is embedded with a powerful engine.

Jawa Mileage, Braking and Performance:

It is well known that the performance of a vehicle depends on the overall structure of a bike especially it’s the engine, gear, and braking system. Its smooth and liquid-cooled engine will enhance its performance a bit more. Its gear provides smooth acceleration with precision and you can drive it easily on any type of road. Its handlebars and foot pegs may sometime create irritation among user but the rest of all features are really nice.

The powerful and smooth engine impacts on the mileage of the bike. It gives you impressive mileage that is 80kmph. As it is a strong and robust bike its speed may range between 90-100 Kmph and it may increase without any hassle on smooth roads. All and all, its mileage is brilliant.

Jawa has inbuilt with an excellent braking system. The single-channel ABS design provides instant stopping power to the bike. Riders can handle it easily in any severe situation.

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Jawa Ride and handling:

 Ride and handling of a vehicle basically depend on certain conditions such as the road quality, on riders experience and braking system of the bike. Jawa provides superb handling to its riders with the help of telescopic front forks and twin hydraulic shocks. This cruiser provides instant stability and excellent adjustability to its users.

Its 170 kg curb weight provides enough flexibility and enjoyable ride even on the twisted road. Its users can surely enjoy its ride.

Jawa Price in India:

Jawa bike comes back with many more new features that will definitely impact on its price range. The starting price of the bike is Rs. 1.5 lakhs (Ex-showroom, Delhi) that is surely a large amount. But, it suits with the features that are provided by the company to its users.

Jawa Vs Royal Enfield (Bullet):

Jawa vs Royal Enfield

As we know both these bikes is the heart of the two-vehicle market. They will surely be tough competitors for each other.  The engine of both the bike is quite similar Jawa has a single cylinder with liquid-cool facility whereas bullet has a single cylinder with 4 strokes and Twins park facility.  Jawa has six-speed gears and bullet has 5-speed gears.

Jawa bike has a single start option that is self-start and bullet has both kick and self-start. There is a single inch difference in wheel-size also. Jawa has only disc brake facility whereas bullet has both disc and drum brakes. Jawa’s top speed is 90-100 kmpl and bullet’s is 130 kmpl.

From the above difference, we conclude that Jawa has a more powerful engine and the bullet has powerful suspension.

Jawa Vs Jawa 42:

Jawa vs Jawa 42

Jawa is the standard bike of the company whereas Jawa 42 is the version of Jawa. The main difference in both the bike is the price. The on road price of Jawa standard is 1.76lakh whereas 42’s price is Rs. 1.86 lakh. Most of the features are almost the same but the Jawa’s standard bike provide better mileage and more fuel efficient than Jawa 42.

Jawa 42 is available in 6 colour options whereas standard Jawa is available in single colour. Look wise 42 is a bit more attractive than standard Jawa bike.

From the above comparison, we conclude that you should prefer the standard Jawa bike that is cost-effective and efficient.

Jawa Bottom Line:

From the above content, we can say that Jawa bikes will surely hit in the bike market. It’s dashing look, strong and robust design makes it the best two-vehicle. The user may face difficulties due to its footpads while riding. It gives proper stability and smoothing riding experience to its riders.

All n all, if you are watching for a stylish and royal bike, Jawa will prove to be a better option for you. For more update stay connected and never forgot to share your experience with us.

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