About me


Writing and developing content was all that I wanted to do during my childhood days. Since I completed my Bachelors Degree from Information technology, I have been highly motivated towards the technology world and that’s what made me start blogging. For me, blogging is more than just writing a piece of content for my readers.

Hello Friends! I am Jyoti, daughter of a middleman who loved to use the keys on her mechanical keyboard to generate engaging and appealing content for you. Talking about my studies, I have done my entire schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya.

Yes, I am a KVian!

After completing my schooling, I joined B.Tech college and interestingly, my elder brother takes a gap of 1 year to continue his B.Tech with me. We both continued our B. Tech (IT) education together. On one hand, where my brother was an average student, I was the TOPPER of my college. And its destiny that my brother is a Branch Manager in Syndicate Bank while I am following my passion to write and transforming the few pieces of knowledge into glorifying content.

The only thing that I have learned in my life is:


Follow Your Dreams:

For a Female, it’s hard to build a balance between her married life and passion. but I am currently managing both of them quite well.

All the readers, I respect your time and hence I commit to delivering the best of my potential to generate high-quality and informative content.